When the revolution happens, we’ll all be on our cell phones.


Media monopoly, free-trade frenzy, corporate oligarchy, totalitarian,

mind control;

Where’s my freedom?

I’m waiting;

dial tone-

there’s no one here to take this call

-Too much-  thinking

I need a distraction;

a vaccination from the fear

a vacation from myself

…even if it’s just for a little while.

phone rings-

Excuse me, this could be the important call; you know, the one that I’ve been waiting for?

fire. no exit.

– Sit back, relax; enjoy the show!

tune in, tune out; no time for thinking-

patterns, illusions,

dancing on the tele-screen

just watching the world burn down-

don’t worry,

it’s not real,

it’s just the program


they tell me

everything will be

just fine